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Explore our diverse range of events and programs designed to address the critical social determinants impacting health and economic prosperity in Black and underserved communities. Join us in making a difference through active participation and community engagement.

Pop-Up Village

Pop-Up Village

Planning Recess Began July 2024.

Welcoming families, pregnant people and all interested to celebrate in community, engage in self-care, get valuable resources and services, and much more!

Join Us!

Southeast Community Center (SECC)

1550 E vans Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124

2nd Saturdays from 1:00 – 4:30pm

SF Spring series: March 9th, April 13th, May 11th, June 8th

The Pop-Up Village San Francisco Family & Pregnancy Series

We’re popping up in San Francisco to support pregnant mamas, families, and their communities. Launched in July 2021, our monthly events provide a space for mamas and everyone who supports them, to celebrate and access the resources they want and need to thrive!

Rooted in the core values of Abundance, Action, Creativity, Generosity, Collaboration, and Participation, we’re a collective of community members, community organizations, and institutional partners showing up differently together to meet SF community needs.

Our mission is to celebrate the creativity, mindfulness, and cultural connection of the Black community by creating a resourceful and affirming space of comprehensive wellness for pregnant people and their families, in order to disrupt the impact of anti-Black systems.



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